Click the kids to see the biography Joe Meek, an American fur trader.
WARNING! This book, while fascinating as an historical source, contains characterizations and attitudes typical of the period which can be very offensive by modern standards.

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A capote is a hooded coat that had its beginnings in the great fur trade era of the 18th and 19th centuries. The design was taken from the gentleman's greatcoat of the era, which included a shoulder cape for shedding rain or snow. The capote was originally made by French Canadian coureurs de bois (also known as voyageurs) and metis (mixed European and First Nation parentage) sewers from the trade blankets received in exchange for furs. A hood was added for warmth, and, as buttons were expensive and rare, the capote was held closed by a sash or belt.
I became interested in the fur trade and made several of these from trade-style blankets, still being made by one of the original firms that supplied the fur trade, Early's of Witney. (Witney was a center of blanket manufacture in England for many years. You can read all about it HERE.) There are a lot of websites dedicated to the fur trade, both from an historical and from a reconstructor's point of view. A search on the fur trade, trade blanket, or capote patterns will bring up lots of possibilities. My favorite site for supplies is Northwest Traders.